Why did we develop this Model of Wellness?
The Wellness Staff at Diamond Bar High School believes that a well-balanced approach to education includes addressing the many facets of our students. We acknowledge that adolescence can potentially be a challenging time, as well as an advantageous opportunity to postively affect our students' personal and academic functioning. In order for our students to be effective learners and grow into productive, well-adjusted adults, they must learn how to be more resilient by taking ownership and responsibility for their own wellness. 
The Wellness Center utilizes a seven dimension model seen below to
"Empower Student Wellness From Within."

Dimensions of Wellness


What is wellness and why does it matter?  Wellness is an active, continuous process of becoming aware of and making conscious decisions to develop and maintain optimal levels of health and well-being. There is more to achieving optimal health than exercise and nutrition.  At the DBHS Wellness Center, we promote the balanced integration of seven dimensions of wellness in order to reduce stress, lower the risk of illness and promote fulfilling one’s potential. Learn more about each dimension below:


Physical Wellness

  • Chooses pro-active steps to prevent illness, disease or other physical health concerns

  • Makes nutritious, dietary choices

  • Maintains a healthy sleep schedule

  • Engages in regular physical activity and body movement

  • Utilizes appropriate stress management techniques

  • Makes healthy choices regarding alcohol, drugs, tobacco, sexual activity, etc.

Occupational Wellness

  • Creates plan to accomplish occupational goals

  • Works to increase skills and knowledge needed to accomplish goals

  • Works in a way and environment that matches personal learning style

  • Finds the benefit of current work to remain motivated and purpose-filled

  • Communicates and collaborates appropriately with others

  • Works pro-actively and independently when appropriate

  • Embraces challenges as an opportunity for growth

  • Feels accomplished at the conclusion of the day, project, semester, etc.

  • Seeks support when occupational wellness is not balanced or fulfilling


Intellectual Wellness

  • Develops critical and creative thinking skills

  • Engages in open-minded approach to consider multiple perspectives of an issue

  • Develops own ideas, viewpoints, and opinions based on objective criteria

  • Challenges and questions the norm by taking a stance of curiosity

  • Seeks experiences with new people, beliefs, and fields of study outside of personal comfort zone

  • Develops self-awareness and clarifies personal values

  • Engages in meta-cognitive and reflective practices to keep brain stimulated

  • Discovers patterns and connections that relate and apply to one’s life


Cultural Wellness

  • Promotes and demonstrates respect and acceptance of all cultures

  • Takes pro-active approach to learning about own and others’ cultural, ethnic and racial backgrounds/identities

  • Takes pride in cultural heritage

  • Understands the historic impact and dynamic nature of one’s cultural identity

  • Identifies and understands the impact of cultural background on one’s own life choices


Social Wellness

  • Develops appropriate assertiveness and interpersonal skills

  • Balances social, personal and recreational time

  • Develops confidence to be authentic self in all situations

  • Appropriately engages with other people of all ages and situations

  • Establishes and maintains healthy relationships and social networks

  • Values diversity and treats others with respect

  • Sustains a supportive, positive network of friends and family


Emotional Wellness

  • Develops the ability to identify and share emotions and concerns with others

  • Feels content most of the time

  • Feels confident that there are people who care and support you

  • Develops the ability to relax

  • Utilizes appropriate stress management techniques successfully

  • Develops ability to be resilient and ‘bounce back from adversity’

  • Develops receptiveness to inspiration

  • Feels satisfied with self-identity

  • Seeks assistance with any mental health concerns


Spiritual Wellness

  • Discovers and clarifies goals toward life’s purpose

  • Develops the ability to regularly engage in personal, reflective time

  • Creates the time to reflect on the meaning of your life events and world events

  • Identifies and acts in accordance with one’s sense of right and wrong

  • Develops the ability to explain personal beliefs and life philosophy

  • Acts with care and compassion for the welfare of others

  • Practices forgiveness and empathy toward self and others

  • Develops higher consciousness and awareness of self and others


DBHS Wellness Center Mission Statement

The Diamond Bar High School Wellness Staff is committed to providing wellness education and resources, in addition to trained peer counselors who can assist students in a supportive environment in order to empower them to develop healthy strategies for personal management, improve school climate and promote academic success.

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