The DBHS Wellness Staff and Peer Counselors are committed to the goal of educating our school community about important wellness issues. Several times during the school year, we organize and host campus-wide events that combine learning with fun!


Our 2020 Kindness Mission Campaign was made possible by caring staff and students who participated in the week long event, 01/27-01/31, filled with kindness activities which included: fifteen therapy dogs, an escape room, painting rocks, sending kindness grams, serving staff breakfast, and more!

TED x DBHS (2019)

Our third TED-inspired event was held on November 13, 2019. Students did not disappoint their peers by covering a variety of topics, like stuttering, eating disorders, realistic expectations, culture, and more involving the Dimensions of Wellness. Eighteen students shared their personal experiences that were insightful and relevant for our campus community.


Once again, the Wellness Team "found" kindness across the Diamond Bar High campus by hosting lunchtime activities during Kindness Week, which was January 29-31, 2019. Each day highlighted a different theme which encouraged students to be kind to oneself, others, and the environment.  Students campus-wide were also involved in preparing for the festivities, including AP Studio Art students who created a kindness mural.

TED x DBHS (2018)

Our second TED-inspired event was held on November 28, 2018. Students covered a diverse variety of topics, like anger, gender fluidity, and leadership involving the Dimensions of Wellness. Eighteen students shared their personal experiences focusing on relevant, important issues on our campus.


To extend our outreach efforts at DBHS, the Wellness Center created the Wellness Matters Club in October 2018 and welcomes all students. The club's mission is to share wellness education and highlighting the importance of healthy choices to live a more balanced lifestyle. 


The Wellness Team enthusiastically embraced the Great
Kindness Challenge during Kindness Week, January 22-26 2018, by hosting multiple lunchtime activities for our campus. Additionally, special guest speakers from Painted Brain shared their inspirational stories
that encouraged students to be

educated and kind to those

with mental health challenges.


It's important to remember:

    Kindness Isn't Cheesy!

TED x DBHS (2017)

Students and staff enjoyed a variety of TED-inspired talks throughout the day on November 28th from fellow-students who auditioned and 19 were specially selected to share their wellness message. This event was so successful that 100% of the staff surveyed endorsed another Ted Talk next Fall!

Our 2016 Fall Event:

Respect Matters campaign

  Our Fall 2016 event, Respect Matters Campaign, focused on increasing awareness and provided education on issues that DBHS students shared at DB Forum as important and relevant. Our goal was to gain more insight and respect about:
Culture, Gender, Mental Illness, Environment and Self-Respect.

Our 2015 Fall Event:

Unravel Revolution

  Unravel Revolution kicked off on Tuesday, 9/29, with fun lunchtime activities to highlight stress reduction techniques to assist our peers with unraveling their stress, as well as  unraveling the truth about other critical wellness issues.


   Among the many activities like making stress balls and punching out our stress, the peer counselors utilized Warren's POST Secret Campaign idea to encourage students and staff to anonymously write down a worrisome secret on a postcard to unburden and unravel their distress. These postcards were displayed all week in the Upper Quad on our #UNRAVEL REVOLUTION Graffiti Wall. Students shared that they felt a "sense of relief that they were not alone." We had fun "UNRAVELING" our stress together!

DBHS Wellness Center Mission Statement

The Diamond Bar High School Wellness Staff is committed to providing wellness education and resources, in addition to trained peer counselors who can assist students in a supportive environment in order to empower them to develop healthy strategies for personal management, improve school climate and promote academic success.

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